GMIC Conference: Summarizing Key Messages for Virtual Attendees

SnappyTV’s cloud-based, real-time video editing platform gives conferences the power to brand and share the best moments from the stage as they unfold. We’ve powered events like the NAB Show and TechCrunch Disrupt, and are now working with the GMIC to create and distribute content. Affiliates not in attendance can follow the conference on social for video recaps as the event is happening live. See Paul Salinger’s opening remarks from GMIC.


Videos shared within 5 minutes of the moment happening live average 300% more engagement than those shared even an hour later. SnappyTV’s real-time distribution features and clickable “tune-in” banners make it simple to promote the event and drive users back to a conference’s live stream.

The SnappyTV platform also opens a new revenue channel for conferences, creating sponsorship opportunities along side the content.

The interface’s intuitive design makes sharing to social speedy and simple.

Snap it, Share it, See it

To learn more about how SnappyTV can help your event, send us an email at or head to

The Pac-12 & SnappyTV win ‘Best Use of Twitter’ at the 2014 Cynopsis Sports Media Awards

The Cynopsis Sports Media Awards honored outstanding work in the sports media industry over the past year and had categories that included television series, radio and live events as well as digital and marketing campaigns. We worked closely with the Pac-12 throughout the year powering instant highlights of almost all of their sporting events. This empowered them to tell a more compelling and engaging story for their fans and followers on Twitter, their own site and across the web. We are very excited to have won the ‘Best Use of Twitter Award’ with our close partner, the Pac-12, and we look forward to even more engaging storytelling in the coming year.

We would like to congratulate all of the nominees and ( not especially ) our other partners the NBA, NBC Sports, NFL and Turner Sports. We look forward to even more exciting highights this year.

NCAA March Madness Most Social Moments – Powered by SnappyTV Social Volume

This was one of the most unpredictable NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournaments ever with UConn and Kentucky piling up the upsets to reach last night’s championship game.  All of the unpredictability (and the big schools rising to the top) also contributed to make this the most social March Madness ever.

As we blogged about previously, the SnappyTV platform was tightly integrated into Turner Sports’ March Madness Live experience.  One of the key components they leveraged was our Social Volume product, which provides real-time data and visualizations that marry event video with social activity happening across the web and then lets you match up videos, GIFs and photos with those visualizations.

The SnappyTV Social Volume Product appeared beneath live video creating a live visualization of social activity about that game.

Using this data and clips shared in real-time on Facebook and Twitter via SnappyTV, here’s a look at the Top 5 Most Social Moments from this year’s March Madness tournament.

#5 Dayton upsets Syracuse in thrilling fashion! - 16,342 tweets/min

The University of Dayton Flyers reached the Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 1984 by defeating powerhouse Syracuse. The Flyers would win one more game before bowing out in the Elite Eight.


#4 Kentucky ends Wichita State’s perfect season in St. Louis! - 17,141 tweets/min

The Wichita St. Shockers were trying to become the first team to finish the season undefeated since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers but fell prey to the Kentucky Wildcats’ Freshman-dominated team.  The Shockers’ dreams of an undefeated season ended abruptly in the Third Round proving doubters, who cited their easy schedule, right.


#3 Kentucky punches its ticket to the Elite 8! – 17,528 tweets/min

One of the most anticipated games of the tournament pitted Kentucky against in-state rival, and defending champion, Louisville.  The Cardinals, who had been the darling pick in brackets across the country, ran up against the rapidly maturing Wildcats and ultimately came up short.


#2 Kentucky drills a 3-pointer to take the lead with 2.6 seconds to go! – 18,112 tweets/min

One of the stars of the tournament was Kentucky’s Aaron Harrison who hit three last minute three pointers in tight games that ultimately tipped the tide for the Wildcats against Louisville, Michigan and Wisconsin.  This cold-blooded three against Michigan sent Kentucky to the Final Four and sent the Wolverines home.


#1 Mercer Dancing! – 56,887 tweets/min

The breakout star of the tournament was arguably a player who scored 0 points. How could that be you ask? Well Mercer’s Senior Guard, Kevin Canevari, created an internet sensation by performing the Nae Nae dance after the Bears’ stunning upset of Duke in the Second Round.  His moment illustrates just why March Madness is one of the most popular sporting events – because it creates human moments that resonate with sports fans and casual viewers alike.





SnappyTV Launches Native Playback


SnappyTV Allows for One-Tap Videos that See 5X More Engagement on Twitter and Facebook

LAS VEGAS – NAB Show, April 8, 2014 – SnappyTV, the leading cloud based content production and marketing platform, announced today that it is the first company to enable native, one-tap playback of videos in social streams including Twitter and Facebook. With SnappyTV’s native video playback, content owners can share content synchronized to TV including real time highlights from live events, photos, GIFs and more directly into their social streams. SnappyTV’s native video playback product is already being used by leading media companies including Fox Sports, HBO Sports and the NBA and has seen engagement rates up to five times higher than non-native videos across web and mobile.

Snappy TV’s platform can be seamlessly integrated into a company’s existing workflows, allowing them to reach their followers with real-time video highlights that can be consumed directly within the Twitter environment. Consumers will see the videos play automatically and can tap or click the thumbnail to instantly load the video without being sent to a third party site. Not only can SnappyTV customers take advantage of Twitter’s native one-click player, they are also able to maintain the hooks into ad servers and metrics systems that they rely on. This approach allows customers to leverage their existing tools and infrastructure while driving more viewership and value for advertisers.

“It is a simple fact – video clips that are shared live, in the moment, have more engagement. This is something that until SnappyTV, has not been possible, on PC or on mobile,” said Mike Folgner, co-founder and CEO. “Our close relationship with both Twitter and Facebook as a developer partner has allowed us to improve the video sharing experience for content owners and the video consumption experience for users. We are already seeing these native videos are generating more engagement for media companies which translates into more monetization opportunities.”

“It is more important than ever for us to share big moments with our fans as they are happening live,” said Josh Baird, senior manager, social media at Fox Sports. “With SnappyTV’s native video player for Twitter and Facebook, we can streamline the process for fans by capturing exciting moments in sports and share them on social media instantly, when engagement is at its highest.”

Attendees of the NAB Show can visit SnappyTV in the South Hall, booth SU13203 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Why Posting Video on Facebook Matters (Hint: You’ll Double Your User Engagement)

A recent study published by Quintly demonstrates that video is king when it comes to Facebook user engagement. According to the study, videos posted by Fan Pages received nearly twice the number of engagements as photos, the runner up in the study.

via Quintly

What’s more is that videos only comprise a paltry 3% of posts made by Fan Pages meaning there is a real dearth of video content being made available to social media managers for use in Facebook.

via Qunitly

Another important nugget in the recently released study is that questions do not receive a good amount of engagement, so the old best practice about prompting user interaction by asking a question does not seem to hold water when put into practice.

Key Takeaways

With Facebook investing more in video playback with new features like video auto-play and larger thumbnails, video is only going to continue to become more popular amongst Facebook users.  So the question becomes, how can I as a marketer or social media manager create more video inventory and ultimately drive more engagement amongst my fans?

Luckily SnappyTV can help with that.  Using our new Facebook Export tool, customers have started to publish content using the native Facebook Player from the SnappyTV Platform. Here are some recent examples:


If you want to learn more about how SnappyTV can help with your video strategy on Facebook, get in touch with your SnappyTV account representative.

You can read more about this study here:

March Madness 2014 + SnappyTV = The Future of TV?

For the third consecutive year, SnappyTV has worked closely with Turner Sports on their March Madness social execution. This year, we are working with them on more fronts than ever including a deep in-app integration, social posts on Facebook and Twitter, and even helping their ad sales teams provide video affidavits to sponsors. What makes this app so unique is that the March Madness team has taken the best of the Second Screen experience and combined it with live streams to produce a single, unified experience that is like nothing seen before.

The feedback from users about the March Madness Live experience has been nothing short of phenomenal. Casual fans and tech industry luminaries alike are calling the experience the “Future of TV” and we can’t be more excited to be part of it.  We also encourage you to experience this live throughout the remainder of the NCAA tournament so you can experience this first hand.


In App Integration

SnappyTV’s technology has been deeply integrated into the March Madness Live app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Desktop. Users who watch games live (or even watching full game replays) have a SnappyTV generated Social Volume sound wave sitting below the main video player.  Culled from live Twitter Data, we provide the app with live Twitter statistics through our Timeline API, and their app, in turn, displays it to end users.

SnappyTV's Social Volume product shows users the current "loudness" of the social conversation around each game as it happens.

What’s more is that in addition to showing the game’s Social Volume, the March Madness Live team is also using our LiveCut Editor to curate instant video highlights, images and Tweets that appear along the sound wave.  As these assets are created (and approved by a social media manager) they appear instantly inside the experience where users can enjoy them and ultimately share them into social media.

Instant Video Highlights created using our LiveCut Editor are surfaced directly into the app, letting fans relive crucial moments and share them to their social networks.

Social Sharing to Twitter and Facebook

In addition to powering much of the social experience within the March Madness Live app, Turner Sports are also using us to post real-time highlights and our animated GIF-like Snap Reels to drive tune in and awareness of current tournament activity.

On Twitter, the team is using us as part of Twitter Amplify Campaigns with Infiniti and Coke bringing in new revenue by running these campaigns directly within Twitter as seen here:

and here:

The March Madness team is also using us to help drive tune in, using viral moments inside their Tweets and Facebook posts.


When posting to Facebook, they are using our new Export to Facebook feature which allows you to publish MP4 files directly to your Fan Pages to take advantage of new Facebook Video features like auto-playing in the News Feed.

Bleacher Report – Live Game Coverage and Publishing to their Website

This year, we also started working with Bleacher Report, which is now a Turner Sports property.  Using our LiveCut Editor, the B/R team was including real-time highlights into their extremely popular TeamStream App.

Bleacher Report pushed live highlights directly into their Team Stream App.

Bleacher Report is also using our Ooyala connector to quickly publish clips to their website for use in articles and in their video library.

(See this on Bleacher Report)

Ad Sales Affidavits

Another unexpected, but brilliant use that the Turner team has gotten out of our platform is that their Ad Sales team is using us to provide affidavits to sponsors that their ad spots were executed on air.  Using SnappyTV for this has dramatically reduced the amount of time that their ad sales team has to spend on this activity so they can spend their time doing what they are best at – selling.

The Future is Here

We always love working with the Turner Sports team on March Madness.  They fully understand all of the various ways that our platform can help drive tune in, provide new ad inventory, and provide rapid efficiencies in producing video and other media types.  Moving video editing workflows into the cloud is what makes all of this possible because it results in huge gains in speed and opens up video editing, and the clips that are produced, to a much broader audience than what was ever possible before.

But what is more impressive is how the Turner Sports team has recognized that the line between the first screen and second screen has all but gone away. People want access to live video anywhere, anytime and on any device. And at the same time, they want to experience that video with all of the unique aspects that second screen apps have brought to the live TV watching experience. The March Madness team has proved that the future is here, and we’re just happy to be along for the ride.

SnappyTV – Powering the Next Generation of Twitter Amplify Experiences with One Tap Playback


The social conversation around live sporting events is reaching a fever pitch with premier events like NCAA March Madness and NBA Playoffs right around the corner. Today, SnappyTV is the first Twitter Amplify partner to give media companies the ability to reach their followers with real-time video highlights that can be consumed directly within the Twitter environment.  SnappyTV’s Twitter Amplify content is now pre-expanded, which exposes a video’s thumbnail in the Twitter Timeline.  Users are then able to watch highlights immediately with just one click on desktop or one tap on their mobile devices.

Joint Amplify customers of SnappyTV and Twitter can share highlights of live content as it’s happening or upload pre-produced content and watch engagement skyrocket through this unique, one-tap playback experience. The NBA went live this week with the first tweet using Twitter’s native video player, featuring highlights from the Knicks/Pacers game.  We are already seeing incredible engagement around that content with hundreds of retweets and favorites.

NBA fans can now enjoy a new, inline Twitter playback experience with NBA Instant Highlights

Not only can SnappyTV customers take advantage of Twitter’s native “one-click” player, but they can also maintain the hooks into the ad servers and metrics systems that they rely on. This approach allows customers to leverage their existing tools and infrastructure while driving more viewership and value for Amplify sponsors.

SnappyTV powered Twitter Amplify Tweets display pre-expanded in the Twitter timeline, even when retweeted by users.

We look forward to working closely with Twitter to power the next generation of Amplify experiences and helping our customers achieve maximum engagement around their content.

Introducing Scheduled Shares

On our journey to simplify and improve the way our customers create and share content, the SnappyTV team is launching our newest feature – Scheduled Shares. Now you’ll be able to designate when and where your content is shared, powering better social campaigns, opening new opportunities for non-live video, and connecting you to viewers on multiple platforms in an instant.


Automate Your Amplify Campaign

Streamline the workflow for Twitter Amplify and other social media marketing campaigns, scheduling Tweets and Posts in advance, then letting SnappyTV automate your distribution of VOD content. Program your entire week of Amplify content in less than an hour.  Combine Scheduled Tweets with our Notifications feature to automatically alert sponsors of new Tweets to Amplify as they go live.  Scheduled shares allow you to set your editorial calendar and move on to next item on your task list.

Share In Sync With Your Broadcast

Extend the reach of your pre-produced content by sharing key moments when fans are already buzzing – during your broadcast. Upload or edit your videos early, schedule Tweets or Posts to run throughout the show, and go about your business as your content becomes part of the social conversation.

Easily Comply with Rights Agreements

If you’re already using SnappyTV to edit from live content, you can use the Scheduled Shares feature to comply with rights agreements that prohibit social sharing while the event is airing live.  Create clips in our LiveCut Editor, then publish to all of your social channels automatically by scheduling them to go live as soon as your broadcast is over.

Seamlessly Debut Content Across Social Channels

Use Scheduled Shares to simultaneously debut a single piece of content across Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, each with its own unique messaging. Engage your fans and followers where and when they want it, all from a single platform.

Want to learn more about the Scheduled Shares feature? Check out our Knowledge Base article or contact your SnappyTV Account Manager. You can also reach out to our Customer Success team anytime at

Catch All the Action from the NFL Combine

The NFL has been live tweeting highlights from the combine in Indianapolis this week with a huge social response. The clips showing players “racing” during their various 40 yard runs through some slick technology that superimposes two video clips together (from a company called Simulcam) has been drawing the biggest response. NFL Network’s Rich Eisen even got in on the action with hilarious results, even sending him into infamy by trending worldwide on Twitter.

Take a look at some of the top highlights from the week – and take notes for your Fantasy Football draft coming up this fall.