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All SnappyTV GIFs are now ScratchReels

SnappyTV debuted the ScratchReel last year to great customer and partner success. ScratchReels are GIFs that can be scrubbed frame by frame using a finger (on Twitter’s iOS and Android apps) or a mouse cursor (on Twitter.com). The product has gotten so much love that, starting today, all GIFs Tweeted from SnappyTV will be ScratchReels.

Check out this World Surf League ScratchReel on @Twitter!

“We started by challenging the team to come up with a new way to interact with media. In the world of touchscreen devices, what can we do with content to make it fun and interactive. The team came up with ScratchReel,” said Mike Folgner, founder of SnappyTV. “Consumers love slowing down instant replays or scratching dancers quickly back and forth. It lets them connect with the GIF in a personal way.”

“ScratchReels allow us to provide a more interactive way for fans to experience and share amazing surf highlights via Twitter,” said Tim Greenberg, SVP of Digital at the World Surf League. “We’re excited to be part of this launch and know surf fans will enjoy the latest way to engage with the sport they love.”

Click the links below to see some great examples of ScratchReels we’ve seen over the past few months. If a user scrolls past a ScratchReel on Twitter, it behaves as a normal GIF. But once they see the ScratchReel icon in the bottom left corner of the GIF, they know they can interact with the content to make it come to life.







We look forward to seeing amazing ScratchReel content from SnappyTV partners! Reach out to your account manager with any questions or learn how to create GIFs in SnappyTV here.

Three New Features: Share to Vine, Add Bumpers, Keyboard Shortcuts

In our effort to make SnappyTV as powerful and usable as possible, we have an exciting slate of new features that have been among the most requested from you, our partners. We hope these changes make using SnappyTV quicker and more effective.

Newly Launched Updates

  • Publish to Vine
    • Vine has built an engaged community around 6-second looping video, and SnappyTV now makes it easier than ever to share great moments with your Vine followers within seconds, in real time.
    • First, make sure your SnappyTV and Vine accounts are connected, then you can easily share videos to Vine directly.
    • Check out some great Vines created using the Share to Vine feature here.
  • Add Bumpers to Videos
    • To provide more context and branding in your SnappyTV videos, you can automatically add intro- and end-slates to your videos. This feature is now live in select accounts and will be rolling out to all accounts over the next few weeks.
    • For example, you can add a logo to the beginning of your video or tune-in information at the end to provide a call-to-action for viewers. Instructions for how to add bumpers can be found here. See an early example of the feature here.
    • With the addition of bumpers, we are now retiring support for the existing pre- and post-roll functionality.Livecut keyboard shortcuts.jpg
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • One of our most requested features is keyboard shortcuts for LiveCut to help make editing a faster and more seamless experience. This image highlights the shortcuts you can now utilize.

We hope these features allow for an improved video editing experience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or support@snappytv.com with any questions or concerns.

March Product Updates

Our goal this year has been to constantly improve the functionality and usability of SnappyTV for you, our partners. With this latest release, you’ll have access to a host of useful new features.

Newly Launched Updates

  • Native Sharing of GIFs and Images
    • GIFs and images shared on Twitter via SnappyTV will now be media forward in the Twitter timeline, requiring just one tap to view.
    • This streamlined consumer experience should increase the engagement and impact of your media content shared on Twitter.
  • Download Reports
    • We’ve made it easier to access reporting. Simply download reports directly from the ‘Analytics’ tab within your account
  • Media Tab
    • We are consolidating the ‘Videos’ and ‘Images/GIFs’ pages into a new single Media tab.
    • This will make it easier to share images and GIFs from the LiveHub portal and create a simplified and consistent experience.
  • Update to our Terms of Services
    • We have an updated Terms of Service which includes language to support the development and release of our latest features.

Coming Soon

  • Social Volume
    • Sharing live video moments makes the most impact when you understand how audiences are reacting to your content.
    • To this end, we’re working to integrate a visual display of Tweet volume related to your event right in LiveCut, our video editing tool.
    • This feature is meant to help you better understand what moments are resonating with audiences to make smarter editing decisions.
    • Contact your Account Manager to learn more about Social Volume.

New Support Team Member

  • Please help us welcome Joe Pritchard to our expanding global Support Staff! Joe is based in our Twitter London Office. He will be providing email support and on-boarding partners new to the platform. Joe has a background in video streaming technology, web development and technical support. In his spare time he enjoys music and runs his own music podcast and blog.

In the News

  • This week, AdWeek featured an article showcasing how partners are usingSnappyTV to get relevant, live TV moments online.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or support@snappytv.comwith any questions, concerns or feedback.

February Product Updates

Exciting product updates are now live within the SnappyTV interface. Our goal is to deliver the best video solution on the market, and we hope these changes deliver you more value and functionality.

Integration of Twitter’s Native Video Player

We are integrating Twitter’s native video player into SnappyTV and officially retiring the SnappyTV player. Twitter’s native player offers best-in-class features and makes it easier to embed videos on Twitter and across the web. We have added many features in support of Twitter’s native player, including:

  • Geolocation blocking
  • Content expiration date
  • Embedded playback controls
  • Calls-to-action: Add a customizable call-to-action to your video, including ‘Watch Now’ and ‘Visit Site’
  • View more videos: After videos play to completion, we’ll show viewers more videos from the same publisher
  • Support for DoubleClick and Freewheel ad serving for Amplify campaigns
  • Analytics support for Omniture: Set up a custom configuration within SnappyTVto send video metrics directly to your existing Omniture account

As part of this effort, we’re also introducing native image and GIF sharing from SnappyTV to Twitter.

Most of these features are now live within your account, and should allow for an improved video viewing experience, as well as increased flexibility and customization. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager or support@snappytv.com with any questions or concerns.

SnappyTV is Joining Twitter

SnappyTV is joining Twitter! Together, we will create an even better platform for live, social content distribution.

When we created SnappyTV four years ago, we believed in the importance of mobile, as a way for people to share important moments, and in the value of social, so that people could experience those moments together. Over the years, we’ve developed a close partnership with Twitter –– we’ve worked together to make it easy for publishers to bring video clips to Twitter, both organically and with sponsors via Twitter Amplify, and we’ve also built Twitter data directly into our editing platform. Through this partnership, people have been able to turn to Twitter to view highlights from major events from world championships to TV and awards shows to Presidential elections, just to name a few.

With Twitter we will continue our commitment to maintaining an open platform for social broadcasting of live events, across a variety of digital platforms. Joining Twitter will allow us to provide an even better product and bring the platform to more content owners and event organizers throughout the world. We will be able to further our goal of empowering people to share the world’s best moments.

A huge thank you to our customers, investors, board members and advisors including Josh Felser, Chris Redlitz, Dan Halabe, Paul Bricault, Brian Woods, Russ Fradin, David Pidwell, Leslie Gittess, Andy Boszhardt, Ben Lin, Don Ryan, Don Folgner and Tricia Iboshi. We couldn’t be more proud of this team and what we’ve accomplished thus far. And, we’re thrilled to join a fantastic team at Twitter and have the opportunity to accomplish even more together.

Check out the Twitter blog if you’d like to read more about the acquisition.

- Mike, Ryan, Steve and the SnappyTV Team

Storytelling with GIFs

It’s no secret that here at SnappyTV we are fans of the animated GIF format – so much so that we’ve enhanced the format by adding interactivity through something we call a ScratchReel. We’ve seen the power of the format to engage audience and create conversations on social media. Beyond sharing individual animated GIFs to social, we love the idea of customers expanding their use of animated GIFs to tell a story with their content and integrate animated GIFs onto their sites to enhance their editorial coverage. As we’ve seen with the success of sites like BuzzFeed, this is a compelling format, albeit one that can be a bit overwhelming when you land on the story page.

With that in mind, we have made a few updates to the SnappyTV ScratchReel feature set to further empower our customers to animate away.

  • Embed code enhancements. With our update to allow for “no autoplay” in the ScratchReel embed code, customers can pick and choose what ScratchReel autoplay on the page and which ones wait for a user hover. Let your users be armchair analysts and interact with multiple ScratchReel without overwhelming the page with movement.
  • Animated GIF creation from VOD content. Have a great moment from a previously recorded event? Or want to engage your fans in a recap of a full season of great moments? You can now create animated GIFs from existing video content uploaded into the SnappyTV platform. This allows our customers to get the most out of their pre-recorded content and re-imagine their content in a new way.

Our friends over at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) are expert users of our SnappyTV ScratchReel tool and provide a showcase for using the tool to engage their fans. With our new features, they could take this a step further and bring the conversation to their site with a stacked display of all the best saves from the game, using autoplay to put emphasis on the first one, and let the fans weigh in on their favorites.

via Twitter

via Twitter

via Twitter

And of course, the SnappyTV ScratchReel editor has all the bells and whistles needed to make entertaining GIFs:

  • Frame adjustment – determine the in and out points down to the second or a particular frame. This is particularly useful when showing off a close call for our sports customers.
  • Playback controls – Slow the GIF down or speed it up, determine the direction of the action, and loop the playback to produce the desired effect.
  • Branding – Include sponsor banners or a call to action to further increase the impact of the GIF

Interested in learning more about creating animated GIFs with SnappyTV? Reach out to the account team today at customersuccess@snappytv.com

Time to Social

The launch of Twitter Amplify has redefined the way that both media creators and advertisers view the value of content. With Billions of TV ad dollars on the line, a unified objective has emerged: garnering views and engagement on any screen that a viewer owns – whether it’s the TV in their living room or their mobile phone.

In this new advertising frontier, one thing wins when it comes to posting and sharing TV content through social media: Speed.

Based on data collected from dozens of Twitter Amplify partners on Snappy TV’s platform including Turner Sports, the Pac-12 and the USTA, video clips posted to social media channels gain exponentially more views when highlights are posted in near real time versus after the event.

How real time are we talking? Highlights posted to social networks within 5 minutes of a moment happening in the physical or broadcast world had on average 300% higher engagement than clips posted even an hour later. What does this mean? Content creators can triple their social audience simply by publishing the same content faster.

More importantly, 88% of all videos that went “viral” [those that achieved at least 500% more engagement versus other videos], were shared in the first 10 minutes. We call this the Viral Window.

The emerging importance of real-time clip consumption reflects a larger trend in media where the lines are blurring between social and TV. The way consumers rapidly view and share content on social is affecting how they decide what to watch on TV. Essentially, the second screen is becoming a personalized TV Guide for the next generation, brought to you by friends and followers.

If this is the case, then media creators that figure out how to distribute their best content in real-time are well positioned to become must-see TV.

- Mike Folgner, CEO and Co-founder SnappyTV

The Power of the GIF

What is a GIF? Is it a moving photo? A short video with no sound? Actually, it’s a series of image files. But the real question is, why is it so compelling? In a digital era where online content is woven into our lives, GIFs have become a mesmerizing exclamation point for our most-powerful social media moments. A GIF is a moving picture that tells the story of the moment better than either a photo or a video ever could.

The power of a GIF lies in its ability to capture a moment or series of events. Often, things happen too quickly for people to properly digest the details with a video. The GIF can slow down a fantastic finish or a spectacular slam dunk and let you watch that moment repeatedly until it sets in.

The guts of the GIF

Sometimes events play out over a brief period of time. GIFs can compress a Jennifer Lawrence fall or a 109-yard touchdown into an easily-digestible snippet that can be watched again and again. Perhaps the most appealing part for social media audiences is that you never have to hit “play,” creating a mesmerizing experience that is engagement gold.

Compelling GIFs are easy to create if you have interesting moments to work from. Your chances of capturing the perfect sequence of events increases dramatically when you have a camera (or multiple cameras) rolling for an extended period of time. This is a significant reason why GIFs from TV and web streams have surged to the top of the social video food chain.

The GIF that keeps on giving

GIFs are shared across social media and spark conversations around the moment far more than any other type of media. Based on our data, GIFs typically generate seven times the views and engagement of a video from the same event.

Additional insights we’ve gained through experience have shown that publishing a GIF in the “viral window,” within 10 minutes of the moment happening, results in 800 percent more engagement than publishing outside the window. The faster content is shared, the more integral it becomes to the conversation. Providing GIFs of moments everyone is talking about as they’re happening will drive engagement around content both online and off.

What makes a GIF great

Everyone from celebrities to brands to media companies can learn something about social media from the mighty GIF. In order for these videos to go viral, a successful GIF should have three key elements when it comes to content: 1) A compelling subject, 2) high-quality video and 3) a real-time moment from a live event that resonates with viewers.

For example, the NBA utilized GIFs during its Slam Dunk competition earlier this year to break down dunks that happen in just a second into beautiful, looping replays of athleticism. The GIF featuring the winning slam dunk, made by Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, drove massive engagement on Twitter and was shared and mentioned for days.

As its core, the GIF is different than any type of digital content to date. While video highlights are great, the GIF creates a new type of engagement. Often times with live broadcasts, it’s the obscure moments that make the best GIFs: the fight in the penalty box and the photobomb at the awards show. It might not seem like too much goes into a GIF, but what you get out of it is an entirely new way to engage with audiences and create viral gold.

Barbara’s Last Week on The View

I had the pleasure of working with the ABC Daytime team for their content creation strategies around Barbara Walters’ last week on The View. After a long, history making run that put Women’s perspectives on social issues into the mainstream, ABC ran an amazing weeklong tribute to the one and only Barbara Walters.

Take a look at a few of our favorite moments from the week – you will be missed Barbara!

All 11 Co-Hosts Re-Join Barbara at the table to relive their favorite memories:

Barbara Interviews Barbara?

Oprah Surprises Barbara