SnappyTV is Joining Twitter

SnappyTV is joining Twitter! Together, we will create an even better platform for live, social content distribution.

When we created SnappyTV four years ago, we believed in the importance of mobile, as a way for people to share important moments, and in the value of social, so that people could experience those moments together. Over the years, we’ve developed a close partnership with Twitter –– we’ve worked together to make it easy for publishers to bring video clips to Twitter, both organically and with sponsors via Twitter Amplify, and we’ve also built Twitter data directly into our editing platform. Through this partnership, people have been able to turn to Twitter to view highlights from major events from world championships to TV and awards shows to Presidential elections, just to name a few.

With Twitter we will continue our commitment to maintaining an open platform for social broadcasting of live events, across a variety of digital platforms. Joining Twitter will allow us to provide an even better product and bring the platform to more content owners and event organizers throughout the world. We will be able to further our goal of empowering people to share the world’s best moments.

A huge thank you to our customers, investors, board members and advisors including Josh Felser, Chris Redlitz, Dan Halabe, Paul Bricault, Brian Woods, Russ Fradin, David Pidwell, Leslie Gittess, Andy Boszhardt, Ben Lin, Don Ryan, Don Folgner and Tricia Iboshi. We couldn’t be more proud of this team and what we’ve accomplished thus far. And, we’re thrilled to join a fantastic team at Twitter and have the opportunity to accomplish even more together.

Check out the Twitter blog if you’d like to read more about the acquisition.

- Mike, Ryan, Steve and the SnappyTV Team